The benevolent gestures of Elaine J. Wold continue to reshape Boca Raton. Last year, the first public performance was held at the performing arts center at Lynn University that bears her name and the name of her late husband, Keith -- a theater toward which Wold committed $8.3 million.

This week, Wold made a charitable contribution that will have a similar significant impact on the local medical community. Boca Raton Regional Hospital announced that it received a $5 million donation from the Wold family for the Wold Family Center for Emergency Medicine.

“My family and I realize that all too often the medical journey begins with an emergency," Wold said. "It is critical that patients and their families receive the most efficient, comfortable, and compassionate medical care during these difficult situations. The Wold family is pleased to support a new and dynamic Center for Emergency Medicine that will provide a superior experience for all patients.”

Jan Savarik, president of the BRRH Foundation, said that the gift will help to transform the hospital's existing emergency department into the Center for Emergency Medicine.

"The state-of-the-art facility will expedite emergency patient care in a comfortable setting with an emphasis on clinical excellence, efficiency and privacy,” Savarick said.

The connection between the Wold family and BRRH goes back more than 20 years. Keith Wold was a longtime board member at the hospital, and the family's charitable contributions has supported other hospital programs. Also, Elaine is good friends with Gloria Drummond, whose family tragedy in the early 1960s would ultimately lead to the formation of the hospital in Boca.