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Florida Explorer: State of the Arts

By Kevin Kaminski, Marie Speed and John Thomason

Boca Raton’s annual guide to summer travel throughout the Sunshine State takes a cultural turn. Check out the music, museums, theater and festivals from Jacksonville to Key West.

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Working-Class Wisdom

By Chelsea Greenwood

Meet 10 every-day locals who’ve learned a little something about life through professions that range from bouncer and lifeguard to nurse and hair stylist.

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Whatever Suits You

Photography By Ellen Stern

The latest in swimwear takes center stage—as orchestrated by a professor and her fashion photography students from Lynn University.




Boca Raton keeps you connected to South Florida with the latest trends, tips and news in five categories.

Shop: Catching wind of the latest fragrances; going green for spring (Click here to read more.)

Body: Gourmet diet food delivered to your door; healthy home cooking

Home: Why the hottest trend in color has everyone seeing orange

A&E: The world of film production in South Florida; catching up with a renowned acting coach; what’s hot on the event scene (Click here to read more.)

Florida Table:

Put the thrill back into your grill this spring and summer with help from Boca Raton. In addition, we check out the local restaurant scene and put fried chicken to the Challenge.


Meet a presidential appointee to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, an activist shedding light on human rights violations in Iran, and the man who keeps city officials on their toes in Deerfield Beach.

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Boca Roundtable:

An esteemed panel of experts/activists representing the county’s Human Rights Council, Compass and FAU speak candidly on issues impacting the local gay/lesbian community.

Our Town:

Spend time with the local people who make our community so special—including a high school student who climbed Kilimanjaro, the reigning Miss Boca Raton, a respected local screenwriter, the woman behind Genesis Community Health and a nonprofit taking care of the area’s homeless.

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