Monday, January 30, 2023

10 Things We Love About Old School Square

Watercolor by Anne Marie Brown■ Free Friday Concerts: Where else can you go to chill out after a long work week and hear great music without having to shell out any cash?

Holiday Carousel: It’s mostly for kids, but it attracts grown-ups taking a stroll after dinner who may or may not have had a few too many glasses of wine.

Vintage Gym: You can’t go to the gym and not look up at the scribbling of students from long ago who dared to autograph the rafters.

Old School Beerfest Each May: With nearly 100 craft beers, what’s not to like?

Special Events: Name a popular event in Delray Beach—the 100-foot Christmas tree, Delray Affair, Cinco De Mayo and even the Palm Beach Poetry Fest—and you’ll find it happening at Delray Center for Arts.

Performances and Lectures at the Crest Theatre: With just 323 seats, the Crest Theatre is the perfect place to see musicals like “Titanic”; listen to the first lady of musical theater, Elaine Paige; or hear Joan Collins dish about life in Hollywood

Cool Contemporary Exhibits at the Cornell Museum of art and American Culture: Over the course of 25 years, Gloria Adams and her team brought outstanding art and cultural exhibits to the halls of the museum. Nothing, however, topped “Coloring Outside the Lines,” a crayon art exhibit in 2011. Who knew you could do so much with crayons?

Easy, Inexpensive Parking: With the garage right next door to Old School Square, parking is always easy and just a few bucks—plus, you can walk to any of the downtown restaurants after a show.

The Sense of Community: Maybe it’s the buildings, maybe it’s the people, but you can’t help feel like you’re a member of Delray Beach’s tight-knit community when you walk through the doors of any of the three buildings that make up the center.

The Staff: From president Joe Gillie on down, each member of the staff at the Delray Center for the Arts shares a passion for what they do and for Delray Beach as well.


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