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Not So Traditional New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Don’t start reading this and think we’re going to write about the usual New Year recommendations and resolutions filled with workouts and clean eating. We all know how that goes, and that is not this kind of article. What were all of the things you had planned in 2020 before it all came to a halt? It’s time to reinvent your 2021 bucket list, and we’re here to help.

Clear It Out and Start Fresh

Do you know how therapeutic it is to delete unnecessary apps and export your photos from your phone to your computer? You won’t understand how life-changing this feels until you do it. Clean out your phone, unsubscribe from subscriptions you don’t even know about, and delete apps that no longer serve you! 

Clean and De-Clutter

After being home for a year, you know what you need–and certainly what you don’t need–in your life. Start your “spring cleaning” a little early. Take the time to de-clutter, clean, and organize your home, closet, car, purse, and anything else you use on a daily basis. Once you’re done with that, either donate the things you don’t need or sell them on sites like Poshmark and The RealReal. You would be surprised how easy it is to make money by selling gently used items on these sites. We do it all the time! 

Plan It, Seriously…

We all bought 2020 planners with the best intentions, only to find ourselves resonating with all of the memes making fun of people who tried to make “plans” last year. Well put those thoughts aside, because it’s 2021 is the year to manifest, and PLAN IT OUT! 

Plan a Trip

Now that we’ve covered the last section, it’s time to start planning trips again. Think of the joy you will feel as you write that first trip inside your planner–plane stickers and all. Now that vaccines are rolling out, we can get ready to stop living in fear and start living for everything we missed out on last year. And when you’re ready, we have the BEST Travel Agent to recommend, Lindsey’s very own cousin, Laura Marshall from We’re a little biased because she’s related, BUT Laura is the girl checking emails and taking calls from her travelers and resorts during every hour of the day, so she is someone you want on your side while traveling in 2021. If you’re not ready for a trip just yet, make plans with friends, stay local, or schedule a staycation. We live in the best state for that…

2021 is about YOU

Moving on…it’s time to focus on YOU and your own self-care. Write down all of the things you didn’t get to do last year to enhance your well-being and make you happy. Was it a massage? A facial? A hair appointment? A manicure/pedicure? Botox? Filler? Whatever you need, go after it and don’t apologize for it. You get the point. Let the 2021 GLOW UP begin. YNG Esthetics in West Palm Beach one of our favorite new places to go, and they will take very good care of you and your glow up. 

Let the GLOW UP Continue

It’s time to update and/or clean your makeup brushes, ladies. This is a very underrated task that should be taken seriously if you take your skin seriously. Don’t let your GLOW UP go to waste by not taking the time to do this. Revamp the beauty products that have been sitting in your bathroom all year. You’ll thank us later…

Take Up a New Hobby or Start a Business

2020 taught us that we’re capable of more than we could have ever imagined. We were forced to do and experience things that might have been out of our comfort zone, and we got through it. Don’t let that ambition fall into the cracks as 2021 trickles in–keep it up! Do you want to start an Etsy shop? DO IT! Do you have a great idea just festering in your mind? Set yourself up for success and DO IT!

You’re still allowed to “Netflix and Chill”

Though this might seem to negate what we just said, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to “start over” in 2021. Your transition is allowed to be slow, and if you have the opportunity to Netflix and Chill on a Tuesday afternoon, do it. Here is what we’ve been binge-watching lately and highly recommend:

  • Schitt’s Creek (shame on you if you haven’t already binge-watched this) – Netflix
  • Bridgerton – Netflix
  • Dare Me – Netflix 
  • The Queen’s Gambit – Netflix
  • The Crown – Netflix
  • A Teacher – Hulu
  • The Undoing – AppleTV

Replenish your Protective Gear 

Who knew that we would be blogging about the “best/most fashionable protective face masks” this time last year? But, here we are. As you slowly but surely make your way out into the “real world” again, replenish your masks, hand sanitizers, wipes, and items that keep you safe and clean in 2021. Here are some of the masks and protective gear we have been wearing lately and highly recommend. 

Monogramgoods carries THE most stylish masks and accessories, and it’s also a store that has a special place in our hearts, because Lilly’s mom Jody works there. Just ask for her if you drop in and she’ll take really good care of you! 

WAITTKIT is an ethically-sourced essentials kit. WAITTKIT (from the acronym We Are In This Together Kit) is delivering high-quality essentials, including face masks, gloves, face shields, and sanitizers to individuals in a socially responsible way, and donating a portion of every sale to charity through their Impact Fund. 

This article was meant to bring a little something different to your plans for the New Year. Rather than traditional resolutions, these are lifestyle changes you don’t have to regularly keep up with. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
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