5 Confessions of a Boca Mom With a Preschooler

My daughter, Avery, at her first day of preschool. Photo by Sweet Memories Photography.

Here I am, almost halfway through my daughter’s third year of preschool. I’d like to think that I’m now an expert considering my experience with the topic—a mommy veteran of sorts! My 4-year-old daughter attends the Early Childhood program at Grandview Preparatory School, an independent private school in east Boca Raton. I really dig Grandview (even though few people even know it has a preschool—it does!). But after chatting with my other mom friends, it’s now clear that every parent deals with the same stuff in these first few years of academia, no matter what the school.

I’m here to confess what I’ve learned along the way…

  1. Your kid’s teacher deserves a prize for patience.


Because seriously, you know your own child. Now multiply your child times the size of the class and marvel at how many times per day your child’s teacher must have to instruct, persuade, listen to, direct, and genuinely care about that class five days per week. It doesn’t matter what their salary is. It’s still too low. Make sure you reward your teachers during the holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week at the very minimum. They’ve earned it!

  1. Forget our current government. PTA politics are real.


When I saw Bad Moms, I initially thought the intense portrayal of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in the movie was completely unrealistic. But once I started swapping stories with other veteran preschool moms, I changed my tune. Even though many parents who get involved in their school’s PTA have the best of intentions, they also have their own agenda. Clashes happen. Leadership changes. But the politics are ongoing. Join at your own risk!

  1. Artwork will take over your home if you’re not careful.


I secretly dread Fridays. Why? Because that’s the day “Friday Folders” come home with my daughter’s activity sheets and artwork. So much artwork. I’ve gotten hip to this now and immediately photograph the masterpieces on a white poster board background, keep the really good stuff and toss the rest…secretly. God forbid my child finds one of her creations in the trash—I’ve been sent to mommy jail more than once for that offense.

  1. Don’t host play dates for kids with judgmental parents.


How do I know that parents will immediately judge you when they walk into your home? Because I do it. Moms, I try my best to keep my house updated, decorated and relatively clean. But life gets BUSY. I highly recommend seeking out the parents of kids in your child’s class who will share a glass of wine with you versus offering up the number to their cleaning service.

  1. Uniforms will save your sanity.

Avery's uniform saves me so much time and stress in the morning. Photo by Sweet Memories Photography.
Avery’s uniform saves me so much time and stress in the morning. Photo and top photo by Sweet Memories Photography.

The struggle is real enough when deciding what to wear each morning as an adult. With kids? That’s one struggle I care to eliminate. Schools that require uniforms are the best! As long as I remember to do the laundry, there are never any wardrobe issues during the week. That is winning!

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