Friday, May 24, 2024

A Big City Lunch Special


You now have thirty minutes to run to the bank and post office and still have enough time to get something to eat. Instead of waiting in line for that pastry, wrap, or same old fast food, grab a little slice of Italian!

Big City Pizza (222 Yamato Road, 561/997-5656) has a deal that can’t be beat. For $5.00, you can devour two huge slices of cheese pizza and wash them both down with a refreshing soda. This lunch meal deal will keep your stomach full till the end of the workday.

Even though the pizza is delicious, the garlic knots are what we want to rave about! They are a must have! Granted, you may smell like a fresh clove for a few hours, but they are worth the risk. Fluffy rolls, covered in cloves of garlic and olive oil, are the perfect side to any slice of pizza.

(If you’re not Italian or a garlic roll fan, Big City Pizza also has fresh sandwiches and salads.)

There is inside and outside seating at this small nook. The employees/garlic roll masterminds are extremely nice, and most importantly– your lunch is served hot out of the oven, minutes after you order it.

Get your office friends together (and grab a pack of gum) and enjoy an order of garlic rolls at Big City Pizza this week.

Happy lunch!

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