A New Preventive Medicine, Fitness & Learning Center

If you don’t like your life—change it; if you like it—do more to preserve it.

With the help of MDPrevent, a new Preventive Medicine, Fitness & Learning Center on the campus of Delray Medical Center, people of all ages are discovering that they can manage their weight, increase vitality, improve emotional health, and truly stay healthy–changing the course of their lives while also lowering their out-of-pocket medical costs. Even those suffering from high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, excessive weight, depression, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, early dementia, or cancer can benefit from MDPrevent’s approach.

MDPrevent is an innovative physician-led health services, fitness, and educational center providing guests with all the nutritional, fitness, and emotional health support, tools, and detailed knowledge they need. “Our goal is to help our patients increase life’s pleasures,” says Dr. Steven Charlap, M.D., M.B.A., a pioneering physician, and the founder and Chief Service Officer of MDPrevent.

At its welcoming 4,500 square foot Preventive Medicine & Learning Center, MDPrevent guests have a wide choice of health services, fitness and educational programs. Their Weigh Less, Get Way More! program is a scientifically validated approach to gradual but sustainable weight management. It comes with five private consultations plus 12 sessions of group interactive learning. Need some extra help? Meet with a Registered Dietitian to get a personal nutrition plan, consult with a health psychologist to learn how to enhance your life, speak to a family nurse practitioner about your health concerns, or attend a healthy cooking class where you get to sample the fare.  Have your health risk factors assessed or join a yoga class.  Take an intensive nutritional program. At MDPrevent there is something just for you if you want to stay or get healthy.

MDPrevent’s low-cost educational and fitness programs, include a core curriculum of practical and essential lifestyle knowledge. Dr. Charlap adds, “By offering a proprietary program composed of interactive group learning experiences, we can address the factors preventing you from fully enjoying your life.”

MDPrevent does not replace our guest’s existing physicians but rather serves to complement their practices. “This is the first phase of changing the way we view disease and healthy living,” said Dr. Meyer Cohen, of Premier Medical Associates of Boca Raton, who is referring patients from his concierge medical practice to MDPrevent.

You can find out more about MDPrevent by visiting www.MDPrevent.net or calling (561) 807-2561