Sunday, April 14, 2024

A New Way to Spin

Anyone who has ever tried a spin class will tell you that it is an amazing workout. If you don’t leave soaking wet, then you didn’t give it your all. And while there have certainly been improvements to spin bikes over the years by adding high tech gadgets and improving suspension for smoother rides, one thing remains the same: the bikes are stationary. Until now.

When I heard that the new Inception Exclusive Athletic Studio (6453 West Rogers Circle W9; 561/988-5909;; 10 classes for $225) had RealRyder bikes I couldn’t wait to go for a spin.

These bikes are different because they provide lateral movement, as in side-to-side, so it’s like you are steering, turning and balancing on a real bike out on the road.

The bikes tilt and lean and you have to use your core muscles to stabilize. The movement also added an exhilarating element to the class, something that a regular spinning class just doesn’t have, no matter how incredible the music is or how motivating the instructor may be.

The bikes are safe and can be used by spinning newbies or experienced riders. Once you try a RealRyder bike you may never get on a regular spin bike again.

The RealRyder bikes are slowly popping up all over the country. In addition to Inception, the bikes can be found in our area (cheaper!) at the new Beachside Ryde studio (346 Pike Rd #12, West Palm Beach; 561/249-6804;; 20 classes for $150).

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