A Royal Celebration

On April 29, there was a white, wedding fruit cake and champagne toasts. There were bouquets of white roses and orchids, and there were beautiful (and sometimes crazy) hats of all sizes.

It was a joyous celebration– but it was not in England.

Over 30 women gathered in the home of winter Boca Raton resident, Betty Weigand, to celebrate the marriage of Catherine Middleton and Prince William of Wales on Friday morning.

The royal wedding viewing party was co-hosted by Barbara Ferdinando and was catered by the Mad Platter Catering Company of Boca Raton. A white runner stretched down the hallway, leading guests to the celebration.

Each woman was encouraged to wear a hat of her choice for the celebration. Headpieces ranged from small feathered berets to whimsy, brightly colored mesh masterpieces.

Judy Sandler (the mother of actor Adam Sandler) wore a lovely, large brimmed, black hat from Macy’s and added her own feathery embellishments.

“All the ladies should wear hats all the time because it makes them happy and beautiful,” she said. “ It really does.”

Ferdinando wore a beautiful, gold headpiece crafted by Ann Tucker of The Dublin Costume Company, in Dublin, Ireland. Weigand adorned a dazzling silver and gold hat also by Ann Tucker and said she was “so happy” with the event.

“All the women really are great to go to the extreme of their big hats,” she said.

Inside her home, guests were treated to a breath taking view of the Atlantic Ocean and an assortment of delicious treats.

Edward T. Kelly, owner of Mad Platter Catering, set a beautiful table under a grand chandelier. Kelly’s delicious menu included trays of scrumptious cranberry cream scones (a recipe acquired from Kelly’s grandmother) paired with Devonshire cream, jam and lemon curd.

There was perfectly plated smoked turkey, Virginia ham, curry chicken, English cheddar, cucumber and salmon mousse tea sandwiches, as well as plates of tea breads (walnut, lemon/orange, chocolate chip), assorted petits fours and pastries.

Guests were served champagne or white wine, English black tea or orange spice tea, and hazelnut coffee.

Kelly, who has been in business for over 22 years, was contacted by Ferdinando after she experienced one of his elegant high teas at a local Saks Fifth Avenueevent.

“I really do love the afternoon teas because of the reaction I get from people,” Kelly said. “They start telling me stories about the tea cups they remember from their grandmother…they start getting [into] these tea stories.”

In addition to catering events, the charismatic butler also hosts seminars on the history of Victorian tea– including the origin of “high” and “low” tea, when milk was introduced, and even why tea cups have handles.

“[Tea] became popular because women were becoming faint in the afternoon, because they’d never had a mid-day meal,” Kelly said. “They’d have a huge breakfast and a very late Victorian dinner, so they’d be faint in the afternoon.”

No one was faint at this extravagant event.

After eating and drinking, the women paused for the cutting of an authentic British fruitcake covered in an almond frosting, topped appropriately with a bride and groom.

In the living room, a 60” television replayed the royal wedding, which had aired live at 6 a.m.

“I love the wedding!” Weigand said. “I have it taped and I will be watching it forever. It was so beautifully done.”

Ferdinando said the party could not have gone better and Sandler agreed.

“Lots of fun and happiness,” she said. “At this time in the world, with all the problems, we need a little fluff and happiness.”

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