Roudy Derisee, known as Coach Roudy, who owns and directs Boca-based Fun Spot Fitness (51 Glades Rd.), offers after-school and other programs that help to ensure kids get needed exercise.

Fun Spot Fitness has several youth (as well as adult) programs. Among those for children and teens: an indoor homeschool PE program, after-school fitness workouts, after-school yoga, private training for teens, sport- and game-themed birthday parties and more. Youth participants are generally eight years and older. Teen private fitness training starts at age 12.

Coach Roudy says catering to kids’ fitness is important.

“More schools have reduced PE from the curriculum or made PE an elective,” he says. “Studies have shown the correlation between fitness and productivity level during learning time. In order for youths to live a well-balanced life, it’s important they eat healthy and stay active.”

Depending on the class package purchased, individual classes cost about $15. Packages run month-to-month, without contracts, according to Coach Roudy.

“Our facility is set up so that you get attention from a trainer from start to finish,” he says. “We cater to the needs of the whole family. Many families spend a good amount of their day with us.

Coach Roudy says that unless parents make exercise part of their children’s weekly schedules, it’s not likely to happen.

There are certain types of exercises he recommends for children, based on age. For youth ages eight and older, he recommends calisthenics (exercises using body weight, such as pushups, sit-ups and air squats.)

“As they get older or weigh more, they can use resistance band devices,” he says. “The great thing about resistance bands is they’re safe, lightweight, portable, and you’re in charge of how much resistance you want. TRX suspension straps [are another option, using] body weight and gravity to increase [and] decrease the difficulty. As they get stronger and a bit older (teens), I introduce them to free weights, such as dumbbells.”

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