Alligators and Hawks: Golfer Shares Photos From His Days on the Green

"Big Bertha" on the greens at Osprey Point Golf Course. (Photo by Chuck Johns)

An alligator on the golf course? When you live in Boca, it’s no big deal.

Over the last two years, avid golfer and Boca Raton resident Chuck Johns has taken photos of the wildlife he sees while on the greens at Osprey Point Golf Course. From hawks and osprey to turtles and even an alligator, he says he sees animals every time he goes.

And he goes pretty often, playing every Thursday and Friday.

“When I saw Big Bertha, the alligator, my thoughts were ‘get the camera and don’t get too close,’” Johns says.

Enjoy some of Johns’ photos that he shared with Boca magazine:

Need a caddy? This sandhill crane wants to join the game. (Photo by Chuck Johns)
“Big Bertha” the alligator heads off to her next appointment. (Photo by Chuck Johns)
A turtle gets the courage to peek out at the game. (Photo by Chuck Johns)
A hawk is caught in the act. (Photo by Chuck Johns)
Big Bertha on the move again. (Photo by Chuck Johns)