Avocado Cantina Opens in Palm Beach Gardens

It’s the season of reinvention, and here’s a big, local name doing just that.

Avocado Grill in downtown West Palm Beach, at 125 Datura St., is known for its great food, solid location and Chef/Owner Julien Gremaud. He opened a second location, modled on the original, in Palm Beach Gardens, but it never took off the way the WPB venue did.

Enter Avocado Cantina, a redesigned space (with Covid restrictions in mind) focusing on Mexican cuisine. Gremaud traveled to Mexico in September to learn more about using the techniques and ingredients from that area. Then he returned and put our local products to work, too. The result is dishes such as Mexican street corn (pictured below), grilled chicken mole negro, chile relleno and a lot more. 

The interior is all about the culture, and includes bright murals and “new private booths covered that are safe for distancing.” Check out the happy hour specials and weekend brunches.

Please continue to support your local restaurants–and stay safe, too. Masks are still required while in the restaurants until you get to your table. If you get up for the restrooms, put your mask on. You’re protecting yourself and those around you.

Avocado Cantina, 11701 Lake Victoria, Palm Beach Gardens; 561/766-2430; https://www.avocadocantina.com 

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