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Battle of the Gyms this Sunday

The Discrimination Free Zone Foundation is putting on its first Battle of the Gyms event, Sunday, Aug. 17, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Anyone can participate in this local charity’s obstacle course fundraiser, which will take place at the Seacrest Soccer Complex (2505 North Seacrest Blvd., Delray Beach).

Founded by Delray Beach resident Tali Raphaely, the Discrimination Free Zone Foundation is based upon the principle that everyone should get along regardless of any perceived differences. Raphaely, who owns the Boca Raton-based real estate title company Armour Settlement Services, serves as executive director of the foundation.

I sat down with Raphaely to talk about Battle of the Gyms and get some details about how you can get involved.

Boca Mag: What kind of obstacle event is the Battle of the Gyms?

Tali Raphaely: The obstacle course is based on a team effort to get through short runs (speed), power moves using prowlers, kettlebells, slam balls etc. and plyometrics course (stamina, endurance and bodyweight).

BM: Where did the idea for this fundraiser come from?

TR: I thought it would be great to get a bunch of gyms together for a fun and friendly competition to build a sense of community … I came up with the idea of the Discrimination Free Zone Battle of the Gyms obstacle race to bring many area gyms together for a fun, friendly competition, while raising money and building awareness for our important cause.

BM: Do the proceeds from the Battle of the Gyms go to the Discrimination Free Zone?

TR: Yes, proceeds benefit the Discrimination Free Zone Foundation. We raise money to be able to donate shirts, hats, wristbands, posters, and stickers displaying our important message. For instance, this past Saturday we handed out Discrimination Free Zone wristbands to 5,000 school kids at the Palm Beach Convention center as part of the Community Back to School Bash.
A priority of ours is to continue to spread our message to school children everywhere by showing up at their schools, speaking with them about discrimination and by distributing Discrimination Free Zone items for them to proudly wear and display. When an individual wears or displays Discrimination Free Zone items they’ve taken a pledge not to discriminate against others. With the formation of every Discrimination Free Zone we come closer to creating a global environment consisting of unity, equality and acceptance for everyone.

Registration is $40 per person and includes a Discrimination Free Zone shirt. Teams consist of two men and two women. You can sign up as part of a team or be assigned into already existing teams. To register, email Raphaely or sign up a participating gym.

For more information, go to the Battle of the Gyms’ Facebook page, or the foundation’s website.

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