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Beauty, Wellness & Beyond 2022: Michael Gallagher

Founder, AXIS-Integrated Health and Human Performance Coaching

Michael Gallagher‘s career in health and human performance coaching has evolved over the course of the last 20 years; an elevated personal training experience born from a passion he discovered as a14-year old teen who felt most at home at the gym, body building and eventually wrestling professionally.

He went on to work for the high-end luxury fitness brand, Equinox, for 20 years, where he attained success by climbing his way up to become a Tier X Coach, the highest level attainable within the company. Michael then took some time off in between to not only hit the reset button in his life, but also earn his bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in Queens, NY. “Equinox was the vessel for me to make contacts in the health and wellness industry. I am now able to deliver a higher-level experience for my clients with my own personal training business, AXIS-Integrated Health and Human Performance Coaching,” says Gallagher.

“With advanced data tracking and advanced measures,we have been able to specifically customize a client’s program. The shift in the personal training industry is going away from traditional reps and sets and counts to more of a preventative medicine model. I’m the conduit between the medical and the fitness communities. I seek to optimize someone’s performance, utilizing a wide range of modalities and scientific assessment protocols, integrating strength, cardiovascular, nutrition, recovery, and mindsetprograms specific to the individual to get results,” Gallagher explains.

“I go above and beyond for my clients and always overdeliver. Everyone who works with me shares that passion,” he says.


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