Friday, February 3, 2023

Beauty, Wellness & Beyond 2023: Paul Christopher

Founder/Owner, Gravity + Oxygen Fitness

As a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer, Paul Christopher’s expertise combines his roots of orthopedic rehabilitation, sports performance and personal training. 

With 20 years of experience, Paul has spent the last eight years sharing his contagious enthusiasm and well-honed craft owning Gravity + Oxygen, a top-rated Boca facility that celebrates the basic ingredients of exercise science.

“For clients to truly become functionally strong, we must master our own body weight against gravity,” Paul states. “For that reason, we chose body celebratory strength equipment such as TRX, ceiling ropes and stability balls. We also offer barbells, kettlebells, cables and resistance bands to develop and maximize strength progressions. To celebrate true locomotion, we only chose human-powered cardiovascular equipment. 

Whether you choose to run, ride, row or climb, you won’t be denied a challenge,” he promises. 

Gravity + Oxygen Fitness offers locally famous group classes and personal training from professional athletes to post-injury rehabilitation patients to people seeking weight loss solutions. 

“Even the greatest workout can never defeat a poor diet, so we are all about promoting clean eating habits. We also cater our programs to the person as opposed to catering the person to our programs,” Paul emphasizes. 

When asked how a single-location, small business facility is able to sustain success and viability in an area inundated with corporate gyms, Paul replies in a nano-second: “Simple: through GOod energy, customer service that exceeds expectations and driving home physical results for our clients.” Stressing quality over quantity, “we can ‘GO’ fast alone … or far together,” he says. 


This sponsored content is from the January 2023 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s Beauty, Wellness & Beyond special section, click here.

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