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Beauty, Wellness & Beyond 2023: Skyler Ruth

Licensed Permanent Make-up Artist and Esthetician, Sky Cosmetic Creations, LLC 

Beauty expert Skyler burst onto the scene just a few years ago after graduating college and hasn’t come up for air since. Her dedicated, nonstop training has evolved into a thriving career with expertise that includes licensing as an esthetician, makeup artist, permanent makeup artist and scalp micropigmentation artist. 

In keeping with the latest, greatest technology and demand, Skyler delivers the most divine eyebrows utilizing the Ombré brows technique performed with a machine instead of a knife. The brows last one to three years before they fade away naturally. The procedure creates more natural-looking results, is softer on the skin and doesn’t create scar tissue. For a pretty pout, you can kiss those lipsticks goodbye with the lip blush technique that provides a semi-permanent lip tint that also lasts one to three years. 

Another game changer in Skyler’s repertoire is tattoo removal, which comes as a blessing for so many who regret the ink they had applied previously, or has faded into undesirable, unattractive hues; bye bye blue brows, hello natural-looking tones with Skyler’s magic touch! 

Skyler has also recently completed her laser and electrolysis license, offering hair-free, carefree smoothness for those bothersome areas. 

Every client is a canvas for Skyler, who delights in the subtle to sensational transformations that make them look and feel fabulous in the skin they’re in, whether for just one glamorous night or years to come. See what Skyler can do to transform your looks and create a new you! 

Instagram: designs.bysky

This sponsored content is from the January 2023 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s Beauty, Wellness & Beyond special section, click here.

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