The Best Apps for Busy Boca Parents

Why is everyone always so BUSY?

Sometimes it feels like if you’re not busy, you’re not succeeding at life or something. Whenever a fellow mom asks me how things are going, I instantly feel this Pavlovian response to answer them with words like “crazed” or “super swamped.” Granted, it’s usually the truth, but I need to get better about my time management…especially since I have even less time to myself during the summer (why does my daughter’s camp have to end at noon?!).

The easiest solution? Apps! And I’m not talking about the kind you order at a restaurant. Here are my top picks for the best smartphone apps for busy Boca parents:


ALICE On Demand Family Assistant

Alice on Demand

Need an affordable, caring, trusting and loving, on-demand family assistant at your service in 30 minutes or less? Then ALICE (named after The Brady Bunch’s beloved housekeeper) is for you. ALICE On Demand Family Assistant can help take some of the load off. This app can assist busy Boca moms with organizing their homes, their lives and give them back the one thing they can’t get more of: time. I personally have been using ALICE for tasks like housecleaning, but you can also book services such as rides for kids, child care, errands, cooking—you name it!

Every ALICE is vetted and screened with regular background checks and you simply pay for ALICE time as you go. There are even discounts when you buy “ALICE coins” or time in bulk! Visit to learn more.


Boca VIPediatrics + Digital Otoscope

Rudnick 11If you’ve ever waited 30 or more minutes to see your pediatrician with a sick kid in your lap, then you’re probably already a fan of the concept of telemedicine. Our area’s go-to virtual (and in-person) pediatric practice is Boca VIPediatrics and it’s no surprise they not only offer patients app-like services such as 24/7 texting, emailing and FaceTime, but with a real human touch. That’s kind of necessary with medical care, don’t you think?

Your child’s virtual visit gets even better when you add on services like their digital otoscope, which sends secure video of your child’s inner ear from your smartphone, so your pediatrician can diagnose an ear infection without you ever having to step foot in their office. Their digital stethoscope plugs into your smart phone and sends your child’s heart/lung sounds directly to your doctor, so no matter the time of day or night, or no matter where in the world you are, you always have your “pediatrician in your pocket.” Visit for more information.



2016-04-17 08.24.58-2Have a dirty car, but can’t bring yourself to leave the house with the kids in tow? Washé app brings the car wash to you at the tap of a touchscreen with several different cleaning packages and prices. South Florida’s first on-demand car wash, Washé app connects vehicle owners with mobile car washers that come to your home, workplace, or even where you’re out lunching— eliminating the need to find time to wash your car(s) or wait in long car wash lines (especially during season, ugh). Washé vehicles don’t even need a water or electricity hookup. Everything is run out of their branded vans! This is a major time saver and I love their services. Visit Washé for more details.

P.S. For a special discount, use my referral code “miczbx” when you book your first wash!


(Feature photo by William Iven on Unsplash)


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