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Best of Boca: Chef Spotlight

**Note that this article was published in May 2014 and menu items/personnel may have changed in the interim.

Ron Weisheit of Twenty Twenty Grille

Ron and Rhonda Weisheit have been a culinary team for almost two decades. The couple met cooking at a Maine restaurant, and after years of snowbirding back and forth between New England and South Florida, they finally chose sunshine and moved to Boca in 2011. Ron, a native of Jupiter and medal winner in the international “Culinary Olympics,” took over the kitchen at nearby Biergarten, where he cooked for three years until opening Twenty Twenty Grille in January.

What was the impetus behind Twenty Twenty Grille?
We always wanted to do something hands-on. We didn’t want to open a restaurant that was too big, where we couldn’t focus on what we wanted to do. The food at Twenty Twenty is about getting the freshest ingredients we can find and letting the food speak for itself, not covering it up with crazy sauces. We don’t go too far out of the box, but we want to be a little different than everybody else.

How different is it getting those ingredients here vs. New England? 

New England is a little more seasonal. Here, the ingredients change but the weather doesn’t. We had a Concord grapevine growing alongside our driveway in Massachusetts, and in the morning in the fall you could smell the grapes in the air, which was really nice. You sort of miss that here, but then again you don’t have to scrape the sunshine off the windows.

What is it you want your customers to get from Twenty Twenty? 

To appreciate the enthusiasm we bring here, that all the food is prepared by the chef and owner. That we go out and personally greet each table; [at least one of us] is here every day. So far the response has been very positive.

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