Friday, January 27, 2023

Best of Women in Business 2022: Neerupa, (Lana) Bridgelal

CEO & Founder 

Luxury Living Staffing

Luxury Living Staffing is a global boutique agency that provides a full array of hand-picked and vetted household and childcare staff for residential to corporate clients, including yachts and jets. 

“I woke up one day and realized that my love and compassion for people, stemming from my 15 years of experience as a certified newborn care specialist, a post-partum care nurse and an LPN led me to create Luxury Living Staffing—not only for nannies whose work touches the hearts of my clients, but also for butlers, private chefs and housekeepers, nannies, mannies, chauffeurs and more. I have a plethora of service contacts that I want to elevate to the next level for full time employment with upper echelon clientele who, in turn, receive the highest caliber of help for their discerning needs. I have a global vision and a world-wide aspiration,” Lana explains. “Boca Raton is my hometown, so I started here three years ago with the dream of creating the ultimate global staffing company, unlike any other.”

She attributes her husband Raj for the endless support he provides every day. “Lana is going in an amazing direction. She is such a high-spirited person who never accepts defeat in her life, although she has had many struggles. She wakes up, resets, and starts all over again. I have never seen this passion and pride in anyone in my whole life,” Raj says. 



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