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Best of Women in Business 2022: Stacy Musselman


Quantum Care

With a master’s degree in nutrition and a Doctorate and PhD in natural medicine, board-certified holistic health practitioner Stacy Musselman was inspired to create Quantum Care, a program designed to provide personalized care based on a patient’s unique blood chemistry and lifestyle. The Quantum Care provides patients a comprehensive health report detailing their biomarkers, probability of dysfunctions and recommendations based on her findings within the patterns and trends of their bloodwork. 

Her popularity as a holistic healthcare practitioner, lecturer and wellness coach keeps her practice thriving. She attributes a large part of her success to Dr. Nate Kaner at Another Level Health. “He is a pillar of the Quantum Care program. His care and commitment are unparalleled,” says Dr. Musselman.
Through her partnerships with various doctors she can provide a wealth of knowledge, modalities and further testing. With her latest partnership with Dr. Peter Miller of Miller Bioconnect, this Quantum Care Boca location offers Covid testing, Infusion therapies and urgent care under the care of a medical doctor.

Quantum Care understands the importance of holistic luxury and convenience. You can find her latest consulting space at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Town Center Mall with The Salon Project Spa featuring indulgent hair and facial services.

“I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and I enjoy healing and helping others,’’ says Dr. Musselman. “Through my programs, I give people super-practical, actionable guidance so patients can take care of their bodies and actually enjoy the process.”


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