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Best of Women in Business 2023: Nina Presman

Anti Aging Center of Boca

Nina Presman is a pioneer in the field of body and face sculpting. She initially focused on her own body and face sculpting when she started the Anti Aging Center of Boca in 2014, with the goal of creating a process that would allow her to look as young outside as she felt inside—and reverse the signs of aging on her face and body. 

Alpha Lypolysis with HIFU is exclusive to Anti Aging Center of Boca and was developed to permanently remove inches, any fat on body and face, while also tightening and lifting the skin creating a younger more vibrant appearance. The results are immediate, with no pain, downtime, or side effects. Nina says that thanks to this technology she looks better at 59 than she did at 35. 

“EMSCULPT-PRO is the new addition to the body sculpting services” Nina says “ it goes hand in hand with Alpha Lypolysis with HIFU, after we remove the fat and tighten the skin we can also now tighten and tone the muscles on any body part.” Nina also states that she is so confident in the results of these treatments that Anti Aging Center of Boca has adopted a policy 

“If you don’t lose, you don’t pay!” Which means that if there are no visible results after the treatment the client will not be charged. 

Clients can’t believe how great they look afterwards, she adds. 


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