Friday, April 12, 2024

Best of Women in Business 2024: Linda Ruderman 


Linda Ruderman has created award-winning interior designs for residential and commercial properties throughout the United States for more than 30 years. Linda’s formal education was bolstered with independent study courses in architecture and the history of furniture as well as lecture study tours around the world. She has traveled extensively for her business and own pleasure. 

With strong expertise in classical interiors, Linda prides herself on her attention to detail and ability to interpret classical models for today’s lifestyles. Her professional success is due to her seemingly uncanny ability to make a design look as though it has always been in its environment. She is equally adept at both classic and contemporary design and is equipped to handle any challenge. 

While space planning is one of Linda’s greatest assets, creating improved living spaces is her greatest passion. Her approach to interior design is distinctly a holistic one. She primarily creates the background that will showcase and incorporate her clients’ most valued belongings, artwork and furnishings, and then relishes in connecting each significant detail with one vision to develop a harmonious feel. 

From the initial entry to the living spaces, color, lighting, geometry of furniture and the combination of textiles, it is her passion to ensure they are all interconnected. LRI has worked on projects ranging from the design and decoration of newly built construction to the complete restoration and renovation of historic landmark structures nationwide. “We have also been commissioned to acquire and assemble important art and antique collections for many clients,” Linda says. 


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