Bethesda Hospital Site for Nationwide Heart Failure Study

bethesda heart failure


Bethesda Heart Hospital in Boynton Beach is one of 150 research sites in the United States chosen for a study on a state-of-the-art heart failure treatment.

The recent deaths of George Michael, Florence Henderson and Carrie Fisher have put a spotlight on heart health — specifically, congestive heart failure — which occurs when the heart is weakened to the point that it can’t properly pump blood to the body’s cells.

The clinical trial, called DREAM-HF-1, is studying a group of patients who have suffered from congestive heart failure for six months or longer, looking at the use of stem cells to regenerate heart tissue and improve heart function. The treatment involves harvesting stem cells from healthy donors, then injecting those stem cells into study participants’ heart muscles by catheterization.

The aims of treatment are to reduce death and recurring hospitalizations from congestive heart failure, as well as promote physical activity, according to a Dec. 30 press release from Bethesda Hospital.

Those heart failure patients participating in the study will have one stem cell procedure and periodic follow-up evaluations by phone and at Bethesda for about two years.

Healthgrades named Bethesda Health and Bethesda Heart Hospital one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Cardiac Care for 2017, according to the release.

Heart failure patients who want to participate in the study should check with their doctors to find out if they’re eligible. To find out more about the study, call the Bethesda Health Research Center at 561/374-5020.