Gabriele “Gaby” Schlicht is living proof that age is only a number.

CrossFit’s reigning “Fittest Woman on Earth” in the 55 to 59 age group—and co-owner of CrossFit Deerfield Beach—claims that she is stronger and fitter at 55 than she was in her 20s, 30s and 40s. She proved the point, competing against 500 women from around the world for the CrossFit title. How does she do it? We asked the Boca Raton resident to share a few of her secrets.

• “Don’t use age as an excuse, because age doesn’t matter. I never think about being older or trying to do less in the workout for that reason.”

• Forget those leisurely strolls. Schlicht says that doesn’t cut it if you want difference-making results. She not only lifts weights, but she also does military-style exercises— think pull-ups and push-ups—to stay fit.

• Schlicht’s daily workout averages 20 minutes and includes the two aforementioned elements, along with intense fitness routines. For those just starting out, she suggests the following formula: Learn the proper way to do exercises without weights or resistance first. Then, gradually, add challenges such as weights. Resistance exercise is what Schlicht says gives her strength and confidence for life’s daily pleasures—including picking up her granddaughter.

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