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Blogger Bite with Shaina Wizov

Today, we continue our recently launched Blogger Bite series with Shaina Wizov, the founder of famed lifestyle blog Take A Bite Out Of Boca. Shaina is respected and admired by our hospitality industry, and a cheerleader for local restaurants, bars, chefs, bartenders and overall culinary scene.

The daring sense of fearlessness that inspired her to launch the blog is what drove her to Boca Raton nearly ten years ago without a job, home or overall life plan. All she knew is that she could stay with Bubby, her supportive grandmother, until she figured something out. And that she did. Shaina is a successful freelance content creator who works with a slew of different brands when she’s not snapping food photos or writing her blog. 

Shaina is also an advocate for those with dietary restrictions. She’s figured out how to go out to eat and enjoy herself without regretting the meal the next day, and she shares that with her loyal readers. She says people are often embarrassed or feel bad to share their intolerances when they eat out and so she strives to normalize it, urging readers to not be afraid to speak up. 

So where does Shaina love to eat? She shares all the details with us below.

The Seed

Since she’s not a fan of breakfast, Shaina starts her day off with a matcha latte with almond milk at this neighborhood java joint. The perfectly balanced drink, that’s never too sweet, is the best matcha latte in town. 

199 W Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton; 561/430-5640;

Tin Muffin Cafe

Ready for lunch after a morning of meetings, Shaina heads over to one of Boca’s hidden gems. This cash-only local hangout feels more like someone’s home than a restaurant. She orders the homemade chicken salad platter that’s beautifully plated with bright fresh vegetables and in between bites places the salad inside a romaine lettuce leaf like a crunchy taco. Before she leaves, she stops by the bathroom to check out its fun rotating décor. 

364 E Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton; 561/392-9446;

Blue Anchor Pub

After catching up on a few emails and client calls, it’s time for a quick late afternoon snack. Shaina loves the house smoked mahi fish dip at this family-owned pub. Due to dietary restrictions she doesn’t eat cow’s milk, so she was happy to learn that this is only made with mayo, and it’s served with slices of cucumber, tomato and pickled jalapeño. “It is my favorite fish dip,” she shares.

804 E Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; 561/272-7272;

Max’s Grille

This Mizner Park staple holds a special place in Shaina’s heart. Some of her earliest childhood memories are of traveling from New Jersey to visit Bubby and having an al fresco lunch here with her followed by ice cream and a visit to the neighboring bookstore. After nearly thirty years, she still enjoys the lively buzz that surrounds the café, and tonight Shaina orders a bubbly Prosecco and the house made sun-dried tomato hummus. “It’s the most consistently good restaurant in Boca,” she says. “The food is great, the service is great. The team is so on it.”

404 Plaza Real Mizner Park, Boca Raton; 561/368-0080;

Wine House Social

Hopping into an Uber, Shaina whets her appetite with another glass of Prosecco. Here, owner Dina Branham focuses on organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines, and hosts a Thursday Ladies Night special of $5 glasses of Prosecco. 

104 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach; 561/501-0175;

Brulé Bistro

Strolling down the street, she’s excited to enjoy her go-to appetizer: the crispy curry broccoli drizzled with a chipotle aioli and served with hummus and pumpkin seeds. For an entrée, Shaina waits to hear the specials and contemplates the pork chop or steak before settling on the dry-aged rib-eye.

“Suzanne puts so much love into her food,” she shares. “I’ve never had a bad meal there. It is, hands down, my favorite place in Delray.”

200 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach; 561/274-2046;

3rd and 3rd

The final stop before walking home is this live music spot, where local bands take the stage and create the perfect ambiance for a late-night drink and snack before bed. Shaina’s favorites are the Brussels sprouts with pomegranate seeds topped with balsamic, toasted pine nuts and mint and a glass of pinot noir.

301 NE 3rd Ave., Delray Beach; 561/303-1939;

For more delicious bites, follow Shaina on IG @takeabiteoutofboca

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Christie Galeano-DeMott
Christie Galeano-DeMott
Christie is a food lover, travel fanatic, bookworm, Francophile, and she believes art in all its forms is good for the soul. When she’s not writing about the incredible dishes, people and places that capture South Florida's culture and vibe, Christie is irresistibly happy in the company of her husband and a glass of red wine.

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