Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Boca Ballroom Battle Diary: Part II

Week four of group practice is tonight and many of my observations of last week appear to be accurate as the dancers reveal more of themselves. Cecilia Peters is oddly subdued, but you can see her brain ticking as she masters the rumba. (Like she didn’t know how to rumba.) Marie Occhigrossi has managed to overcome her misstep of last week when she revealed that she and Dardano are ringers here; she is pretending to practice, practice, practice but the poker face is on. She is out to win. Dorothy MacDiarmid is already in dancing heels as I mentioned and is cheerful, yet determined and focused, as only a past president of the Junior League can be. Gary Collins is still aw-shucking it around the dance floor but has dropped the bomb that he does a mean Texas two-step—which we all know is a waltz in disguise. Dardano got a pair of flashy new two-toned dance shoes last week so now he really thinks he’s Fred Astaire, and Chris Palermo was caught taking extra classes on the sly. Mark Brockelman was a no show; we suspect he was in Miami getting Lambada lessons from the Dolphins cheerleaders.

As for me, I am happy to report that I have not yet slipped into a heap on the floor, although I cannot for the life of me make a turn without careening out of control. The happy news is that my old friend (and former Ballroom contestant) Yvonne Boice was kind and perceptive enough to offer me personal trainer sessions with king dog Fotis Papamichael at Michael’s Body Scenes in an effort to level the playing field a bit. And he promises he will not judge me. More on that after my first session. For a glimpse of all of us learning how to cut a rug click here:


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