Boca Ballroom Battle Goes Bigtime

boca ballroom battle
Dancers from the 2018 Boca Ballroom Battle

This year things are different. With COVID throwing a damper on larger gatherings (and many fundraisers), those devilishly clever people at the George Snow Scholarship Fund have reinvented the Boca Ballroom Battle and upped the ante.

This year, the 13th Annual Boca Ballroom Battle will forego the Boca Resort ballroom for live TV! Yes. This is for real. According to Debi Feiler of the George Snow Scholarship Fund (GSSF), WPTV-TV will broadcast it (some of it pre-recorded and the awards presentation live), with viewers calling in pledges for their favorite dancers. The show will air on Saturday, September 26, at 7:30 p.m. and will be live streamed from the WPTV website and GSSF’s website for out-of-town guests across America, and into “watch” parties hosted by dancers.

“This is not a virtual event; it is a TV production,” Feiler says. “The Boca Ballroom Battle will look just like any other show you see on TV with better quality, a great production team and will reach far more people than we could have ever imagined.  

As Feiler admits, this means beginning from scratch and is completely different from the live performances of the past, with everything from sponsorships, ads, commercials, raffle tickets, auction, music and more all having to be “retooled”—and they are already at it. This event, the highlight of Boca’s end-of-summer. The Boca Ballroom Battle raised $650,000 last year so the heat is on to make a new format just as successful.   

We have a feeling they’ll do that in spades so stay tuned for details.  Next week: Who’s dancing this year?

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