Photo from last year’s Boca Ballroom Battle They’re heeeeeere! This year’s Boca Ballroom Dancers are officially on board and on their way to dancing into your hearts August 16 at the annual Boca Ballroom Battle to benefit the George Snow Scholarship Fund. This event is critical to funding the scholarship fund, which awarded $629,000 to 85 students in college scholarships this year.

This year’s dancers are a formidable group, with a lot of electricity; you could feel it crackling at their first orientation meeting today. For those of us who have danced before at this event, it was bittersweet; we are now reduced to yesterday’s news—and all the hoopla will be around the next crop of dancers.

But it’s more than that, too—all of us know that these people are about to start a summer they will remember forever, and that may very well change them in the process. Hats off to every one of them—and here they are:

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Albert Dabbah, Michael Gibson, General Manager, Old Marsh Country Club, Chris Holcom, Regional Director, Achilles International, Elizabeth Kelley Grace, Co-Founder/PartnerThe Buzz Agency, Paula Pianta, OVP General Manager, Bloomingdale’s, Victoria M. Rixon, Market Manager, JP Morgan, Robert A. Sweetapple, Esq., and Managing Member, Sweetapple, Broeker & Varkas and Denise Zimmerman Community Volunteer.