Monday, April 15, 2024

Boca CrossFit Team Goes To World Fitness War

Make this Morning No. 373 I faced the choice to a) jump out of bed at 6:10 and walk 2.5 miles or b) roll over. There is a different excuse every day, but the rolling over option usually wins. So imagine my chagrin when I open up my email and find that we have several world-beating fitness warriors from Boca Raton’s CrossFit HardCore studio who are headed to the world champion Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. July 29 to July 31.

The competition is described as a “combination of gymnastics, power lifting, Olympic lifting, jumping rope, climbing ropes, lengthy runs, and a vast amount of pure grunt work such as getting sandbags over a wall. But athletes never know what is required. In 2008, there was the hill. In 2009, there was the spike drive. In 2010, athletes had to do ring handstand push-ups and clear the 12-foot wall. Only one thing is certain, each athlete will be thoroughly tested on their journey to be named the fittest man and fittest woman on Earth.”

Sandbags over a wall? The Hill? I shudder to think what these people look like, much less what they eat. Their abs are probably like granite, they can run to my office faster than I can drive. Even back in the day, when I was pure Flashdance, I could not have foreseen driving spikes. At any rate, our hometown team of fitness maniacs managed to win the regional competitions in Jacksonville and may be headed for worldwide glory, They are: Team Captain Lance “Heinz” Mosley, Adrian “Queen” Grassi-Mosley, Silke “Stoli” Von Saasfeld, April “Arod” Lowe, Omar “Bionic” Torres, Steve “Cyborg” Walters, Justin “Bookworm” Thompson and Master Competitor Gaby “Tigress” Schlict.

We wish them well. In fact, we’d be happy if they survived. To learn more about CrossFit HardCore, please visit


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