Changing Of The Guard On Boca Mag Food Coverage


South Florida’s culinary landscape has always been integral to the content of Boca magazine. In fact, we have the only review-driven dining guide in South Florida. Which is why it’s so tough to say goodbye this month to our food editor, Lynn Kalber (in center, above) , who leaves us after five years of reviewing restaurants, keeping us current with foodie blogs three days a week and interviewing up and coming chefs, among others. Lynn is hoping to travel more (when it’s possible) with her husband, author Scott Eyman, and spend more time in her ceramics studio.

It’s not easy being a food critic; especially of you’re rooting for a restaurant to succeed, which Lynn invariably does. Which brings me to that part of her: She is one of the nicest people you’d ever meet, and a joy to work with. She makes deadlines, she wants to talk about things, and she cares. We will miss her. Lynn tells us she will miss “meeting all of the folks behind the scenes in the restaurants and bars that I covered. They were all incredibly creative and passionate about their work. Each one took a different route to get where they ended up and that always fascinated me.”

We’d also like to introduce our new food editor (but we’re not showing her face so we can at least pretend to be anonymous!) and restaurant critic: Christie Galeano, a prolific contributor to about a zillion South Florida publications and an avowed “food lover, travel fiend, red wine enthusiast, art admirer, Francophile” who also says she’s obsessed “with turning the pages of a book.”

We know she’ll have you turning the pages of our book, and we couldn’t be happier to have her. She will uphold our tradition of covering South Florida’s vibrant culinary scene with enthusiasm and experience. So: If you have any great tips on dining or food, chefs or wine, events worth attending, please contact

It’s going to be fun.