Boca Mom Talk: Kids in Cars Traveling Long Distance


Jerry Seinfeld was certainly onto something when he launched his hilarious YouTube show, Comedians in Cars Having Coffee. But after my recent summer road trip, I think an even funnier premise would be a comedy show featuring parents in cars traveling long distance with their kids. What’s the saying again– we laugh to keep from crying? I certainly felt that way after 29 hours on the open road with my 3-year-old.

We made it to our final destination (Freeport, ME if you were wondering) and I have some travel tips and tricks to share with you, fellow mamas! Here’s theBoca Mom Talk on taking a successful long distance road trip with your Boca brood…

Make Mom’s Bag o’ Tricks

My daughter is obsessed with princesses and dress-up at the moment, so I stuffed a bag full of cheap Disney toys, fashion accessories, games, etc. that she had never seen before and pulled them out one by one during times of tantrum and/or boredom. I packed Tinkerbell and Aurora shoes we got on clearance at the Disney Store. I found an Etch-a-sketch for $1.99 at CVS. These items were major hits and a cue to be on good behavior if my child wanted me to pull out another surprise later on!

Pack Snacks for All

I feel like this goes without saying, but pack snacks (and lots of them) for every passenger in your car. You’ll want to stop sparingly along the way for food since bathroom breaks will take priority in terms of stopping.

Stop for Your Sanity

We decided to drive one day on, one day off (and so on) to get to Maine this year. This allowed us to break up our time in the car, visit with friends and see some unexpected landmarks along the way. If you’re a House of Cards fan, you’ll get why we were so excited to spot the Gaffney Peachoid in South Carolina. Our daughter didn’t know what it was, but she was thrilled to see her parents laughing so hard about a giant peach! These little discoveries are what make a road trip fun (and funny)!

Wishing you safe and hilarious travels this summer. Now hit the road!