Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Boca Raton COVID Cases Rise to More Than 5,000

The number of recorded coronavirus cases in Boca Raton and throughout the State of Florida has continued to surge, with the number of coronavirus cases in Boca Raton rising to more than 5,000 and the state having surpassed 500,000 since the onset of the pandemic.

The number of confirmed cases in Boca Raton has reached 5,254 as of 9:25 a.m. on Friday, August 14 according to the Florida Department of Health. Boca Raton is 19th on the list of cities with the most confirmed cases in the State of Florida, and still trails West Palm Beach and Lake Worth in Palm Beach County.

West Palm Beach leads Palm Beach County with 9,598 confirmed cases of COVID-19, followed by Lake Worth with 5,323 confirmed cases. Palm Beach County still has the third-most confirmed cases in the state, with 38,226. That number accounts for 7% of all cases in the State of Florida. Palm Beach trails Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

The number of confirmed cases in Florida has now passed the half-million mark, and 6,218 new cases were reported today. Today’s data lists 557,337 confirmed infections in the state since the start of the pandemic. 33,155 Florida residents have been hospitalized and 9,141 Florida residents have died as a result of COVID-19. 964 of those deaths were in Palm Beach County.

The Florida Department of Health also reports that 4,168,103 COVID-19 tests have been administered throughout the state, with 563,285 positive results and 3,598,300 negative results.

The Florida Department of Health has expanded its coronavirus information resources. It now offers reports on long-term care facilities with positive COVID-19 cases, long-term care facility deaths associated with COVID-19, total antibody results for Florida, a pediatric report, and deaths associated with COVID-19 at Florida Department of Corrections facilities. Those reports can be viewed here.

All figures listed above are verified as of 9:25 a.m. on Friday, August 14 via the Florida Department of Health.

To view the full FDOH COVID-19 daily report, click here.

To view the FDOH COVID-19 dashboard, click here.

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James Biagiotti
James Biagiotti
James Biagiotti is a native of Boca Raton, a marketing professional in South Florida, and the former Web Editor of Boca Raton magazine. He is an avid music fan who spends far too much time listening to, dissecting, and traveling to see his favorite bands. He is also, unfortunately, a devoted Miami Dolphins fan.

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