Boca Raton Restaurant Experience Hits the News

Photo by Life Of Pix from Pexels

As if SoFla doesn’t have enough attention with its rising virus numbers, the politics and the protests, now a Boca restaurant server is spilling tales to Slate about “the Karens” – customers of the local restaurant world who aren’t very nice to deal with during a tough time. The restaurant isn’t named except as a Chinese-American spot.

I don’t think these stories about badly behaved diners are unique to Boca, however. I know I’ve seen some nasty behavior toward restaurant workers in other cities, and it’s never justified. 

Nobody should be mean or rude to serving staff. If you have a problem with the venue or food, ask to see a manager. Especially right now, with the world spinning out of its normal path on all kinds of fronts, pack an extra helping of patience with your mask. 

Check out the article from Slate here:

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