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Boca Wants YOU to Choose a Downtown Transportation Method

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Ever since the Downtowner abandoned Boca and hauled its efficient, simple tap-and-ride service vehicles to Tampa, we’ve been mourning its loss. Yeah, you can rent traditional, electronic or group bikes to get around. Or you can get a car rental, Uber or Lyft. But they’re not free like the Downtowner, whose service began in and is still in Delray Beach. They’re just not the same.

It’s clear to the City of Boca and the Community Redevelopment Agency that downtown needs some sort of public transportation system to replace the Downtowner. To get residents’ opinions, the entities have created a survey to gather your input.

Mizner Park in downtown Boca Raton.
Mizner Park in downtown Boca Raton.

Ruby Childers is Boca’s downtown manager. In an email she said, “We miss the Downtowner service, just as many of our residents and visitors do.” She also said that based on their response after it left, residents valued the downtown transportation service and used it regularly. “The community demand is there.”

Childers said that when the city and CRA began planning transportation options, they wanted to get the input of downtown visitors to help in their decision-making.

The survey, which will close after Friday, June 2 (hurry up to get your responses in!) gathers information like how often you visit downtown, what you do while you’re there, and your level of interest in using a transportation service downtown. Choices for type of vehicle you would prefer are between a trolley, low-speed electronic vehicle (like the Downtowner), hybrid multi-passenger vehicle, hybrid car or “other.”

Downtown Boca Map 5-24-16

At it’s longest point, downtown spans north to south from NE Mizner Boulevard at US 1 to about Camino Real and US 1, and at its widest point east to west from 5th Avenue to SW 3rd Avenue at Palmetto Park Road. In between that space, there are a lot of streets to cross and area to cover.

I personally like navigating West Palm Beach’s downtown through the trolley system. It’s accessible for all, comes often, and can be kinda fun. That’s what I would like to see in downtown Boca.

Childers is less specific than I am: “I think a system that enables people to get to one or more destinations downtown in an efficient and enjoyable manner would be ideal. Whether that be a trolley or an electric vehicle or something else … we’ll see!”

The survey closes after Friday, June 2. Please visit to submit your responses.

Shayna Tanen
Shayna Tanen
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