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Boca’s “Frogman” Show

If you are feeling froggy this weekend, hop on over to the Pavo Real Gallery at Town Center for the 11th annual Tim “Frogman” Cotterill show.

The enthusiastic and talented artist will be in Boca this weekend to highlight his exotic and friendly frogs.

“It’s a very special event,” Cotterill said. “It manages to draw in a lot of big collectors from all over America, and even Europe.  People travel huge distances by plane and car to get to this annual event. It’s become a bit of a mecca for big collectors that collect my frogs and sculptures. It’s like a family reunion…Many of the people who come have been coming for years. It blows me away.”

During the three day event, Cotterill will be on site to meet with collectors and fans and sign autographs. Cotterill said he continues to return to Boca each year because of his successful working relationship with the gallery’s manager, Joan Quinones.

“Joan creates the perfect storm with the fabulous gallery that she has,” Cotterill said, noting Quinones’ personality and professionalism. “I’ve worked with Joan for almost 20 years now. She does an absolutely fantastic job.”

This week Cotterill will also unveil a limited edition frog called “Posh.”

“Posh is a little leaping frog,” he said. “It’s a small frog because of the economy. I try to design things for everybody’s pocket. [Posh] captures the energy and the joy of these wonderful creatures.”

And why bronze frogs? We had to ask.

“This project was started on a wave of positivity and joy, and just to sort of showcase these beautiful little creatures that have been around for 225 million years,” Cotterill said. “These are not [just any] frogs, these are Tim Cotterill frogs! I captured the whimsy and the energy and beauty, or tried to, of these little amphibians. Many of them are having a tough time right now because of the changing environments. But my frogs are going to be around forever.”

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