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Boca’s Poshest Playgrounds

I thought my family and I were spoiled with the parks available to us when we lived in New York City. Boy, was I wrong.

Central Park and Hudson River Park are great and two of my all time favorites! But Boca Raton parks are beyond beautiful, plentiful and pristine, and most even have pretty posh playgrounds to boot! Here’s the Boca Mom Talk on my favorite outdoor playground options around Boca Raton.

Spanish River Park

If you’re a Boca resident, all you have to do is purchase an annual beach permitfor $55, and parking is covered for the next year at any of Boca’s beach adjacent parks. It is a deal that I’ve found few parents know about, especially newer residents.

The playground at Spanish River is one of my favorites. It’s perfect for the toddler set because of the built-in shade, soft “recycled tire” ground cover (in case your little one takes a tumble) and access to the beach post-playground session. It is a must if you have a child under 3. The equipment is quality and there are plenty of picnic tables available for kids to pause during playtime and have a drink and snack. (3001 Nathan Lester Highway 1, Boca Raton)

Patch Reef Park

Patch Reef Park is the ultimate local recreation paradise with tennis courts, classes and a fitness trail available for residents and their children. But thePirate Playground is the real draw in my opinion. In addition to the pirate theme, it has soft ground cover a la Spanish River Park along with water features for your Boca kids to keep cool in the hot, South Florida sun. No boy under 10 can resist Pirate’s Cove at this posh playground! (2000 Yamato Road, Boca Raton)

Sugar Sand Park

Sugar Sand Park rounds out the top three in this Boca mom’s play(ground) book, as it’s the only park in Boca Raton with a science-oriented playground AND a carousel. Kids love carousels, trust me. This playground also contains water features and plenty of shade and is a ton of fun for toddlers and older kids alike. (300 S. Military Trail, Boca Raton)

Do you have a favorite park that wasn’t included in this edition of Boca Mom Talk? Comment below!


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