We were thrilled when Boston Proper (one of our favorite online and catalog brands) first shared the news that they were planning on opening a brick and mortar location in Town Center. Now, after months of anticipation their store is finally open!

Located in Palm Court, between Bloomingdale’s and Bulgari, Boca Raton-based Boston Proper is delivering a new shopping experience for their “fearless” customers.

“When you walk into the store you’re really going to get this feeling of a walk-in closet,” Boston Proper’s Creative Director Ernie Sulpizio told Boca Mag.

And you do. The boutique is inviting and comfortable and full of all your favorite clothes…just like your own closet. The fitting room area is more than a third of the store. Sulpizio explained that Boston Proper wanted to shopping experience to continue in the dressing area.

The store is decorated in sun-kissed shades of bronze, blush and rose gold. There is a lounge seating area (where you can leave your husband!) and trained stylists on hand to help you find your perfect look. You’ll also notice sunburst sculptures, which match BP’s new logo.

But one thing you won’t see in the store? A cash register.

Boston Proper is taking a few cues from Apple. No cash registers, you can pay with the swipe of your card on an iPhone. The boutique also has a media table, with built in screens (think of an horizontal iPad) that will allow you to shop online, in the store! The storefront also has stacked video screens that face the mall’s interior, so you may notice window shoppers doing a double take as they stroll past.

If that wasn’t enough to make you head to the mall, it’s also worth mentioning that the merchandise on the floor will change out every three weeks. Every three weeks! So you will constantly have new choices to choose from.

Happy shopping!