Gretsas Claims Petrolia Has Conflict of Interest in Firing

George Gretsas and Shelly Petrolia

Suspended Delray Beach City Manager George Gretsas wants Mayor Shelly Petrolia to recuse herself from the Oct. 23 meeting at which the city commission will decide whether to fire Gretsas.

In a letter Wednesday, Gretsas’ attorney told City Attorney Lynn Gelin that Petrolia has a conflict that should prevent her from voting. Petrolia is under investigation for possible charter violations. Those allegations came from Gretsas, regarding what Carmen Rodriguez called “improper directives to staff,” including Gretsas.

At this point, Gretsas said, Petrolia stands to gain improperly if the commission fires Gretsas. To “protect the interests of the city,” Rodriguez said, Gelin should tell Petrolia that she cannot participate.

The vote to suspend Gretsas was 3-2, with Petrolia in the majority. There was no immediate comment from Petrolia or Gelin. I’ll have more in my Thursday post.