Broken Sound breaks new ground

On Saturday, I attended the ribbon cutting for Broken Sound Club’s new compost project.

It is the second of its kind in the United States. The compost will turn food wastes from the kitchen, and the grass cuttings from their two 18 hole golf courses, into organic fertilizer.

Due to Florida’s sandy soil, chemical fertilizers immediately go into our aquafer system so this natural fertilizer is much safer for humans. This project will also reduce the costs of conventional fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides by at least a third.

John Crean, the environmentally savvy general manager of Broken Sound, employed the resources of Ed West and his company, ECW( Environmentally Controlled Waste LLC) to develop this project. All eyes will be on this composting site since it is the ultimate in recycling.

Their motto is “returning resources to the earth, where they came from in the first place”.  The National Geographic Society, as well as a delegation of Chinese visitors, will be observing this contolled waste project.

Good for Broken Sound, John Crean, the board, and the community for being pioneers in this effort to clean up their part of Boca Raton.