Cameron Diaz Starts ‘Clean Wine’ Brand

cameron diaz
Cameron Diaz (left) and Katherine Power with their Avaline rose wine. Photo by Justin Coit.

Actress/author Cameron Diaz has launched Avaline, a “clean wine brand,” that offers blends of white, rosé and red varietals. Her co-founder, Katherine Power, is an author and founder of the Who, What, Wear fashion brand and the California-based Clique Brands.

“One of the first conversations Katherine and I had about making a cleaner wine was ‘What are we going to add to it’,” said Diaz in a release. “We soon learned it wasn’t what you added, it’s what you didn’t add.”

The grapes used are from French and Spanish growers with low-to-no irrigation in certified organic vineyards, which means no chemical pesticides. During production, the winemakers use as few ingredients as possible.

I tasted both the white and rosé blends. They taste sharp and clean, with the rosé especially having a bit of tartness to it along with a little minerality. “Some rosés are like Kool-Aid,” said my husband, “not this one, because you know you’re drinking something.” From France, this very light pink rosé has a nice edge to it. The white, from Spain, was similarly crisp and refreshing on a hot day. 

The duo just released a red Avaline blend in answer to fans who were asking for that. It will hit shelves later this month.

Cost of the wines are $24 per bottles, and they are available locally at Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Markets, and some liquor stores.  

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