Friday, May 24, 2024

Camilla Swim Week fashion

A sea of chic, flowing fabrics created from bright colors inspired by the vibes of Africa surrounded me as I entered the CAMILLA Beach House Private Pre-Sunset Cocktail Party at the Faena hotel during Miami Swim Week. Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks is known for her bold, individualistic designs. Her latest African-inspired collection, JAMBO JAMBO, was showcased at the Beach House event and ramped up the heat with its sheer exuberance.

Franks, who launched her clothing line 10 years ago, seemed to glide effortlessly through the stylish crowd with an inviting smile that made everyone feel at home. Franks’ collection suggests adventure and bohemia, balanced by intricate craftsmanship and bold design. It was wild, warm and exotic…it may be time to take a little Africa home with you.

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