Friday, November 26, 2021

Can a Boca Mom Still Party After Age 35?

This was the question that I asked myself as I boarded an early Thursday morning flight to New Orleans (sans husband and child) to celebrate one of my former New York City friend’s impending nuptials.

Was I too old for a bachelorette weekend? Too tired to make it through a “hen do?” I figured I was about to find out.

So eight of my closest friends and I descended upon the Big Easy. Now, most of our group has husbands, kids, mortgages—all things that seemed far off in the distance when we were griping about work and designer shoes over wine in our New York City studio apartments in our 20s. Oh the good old days!

The bride, Jessica Minch. Photo by Julie Verlinden Photography.
The bride, Jessica Minch. Photo by Julie Verlinden Photography.

But could we pull off a true party weekend? Looking back on it, I think we did all right. This Boca mom and her friends can still paint the town red! One of the best parts about being in your mid-thirties is that you tend to have a bit more spending money. This equals nicer accommodations, food and cocktails—all things that make a destination bachelorette party a lot more fun. We also chose to do group activities that were a little more on the sophisticated side, thanks to the bride.

For example, we spent one morning at an art gallery (Ashley Longshore’s, which is rather cheeky and fun for a bachelorette group). Another afternoon, we booked a private yoga session and chose to ‘Shavasana’ in LulaRoe leggings versus cheesy matching bachelorette T-shirts. I also can’t forget about the awesome ghost tour that we took while sipping Voodoo juice all evening (which honestly made it extra scary since it contained Everclear). We even sprung for a professional photo session to make sure we captured some of the memories from the weekend since our group doesn’t see each other much these days.

You can never have too many toasts. Photo by Julie Verlinden Photography.
You can never have too many toasts. Photo by Julie Verlinden Photography.

I won’t say we didn’t have our crazy “girlie” moments back in the privacy of our Airbnb. Our group loves a good dance party and lingerie shower after tossing back a few bottles of champagne and Sauvignon Blanc! And who doesn’t love a festive brunch? We all agreed that the live band and food at Tableau set the jazzy tone for the entire weekend.

Seeing as moms are natural planners and multitaskers, I shouldn’t have been surprised that we could turn out an amazing group party weekend. And New Orleans is certainly a fantastic setting for it. Now, to only make the time to plan another one!

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