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Can’t Stop the Music

South Florida remains a breeding ground for local musicians looking to break into the mainstream in genres ranging from country to classical. Look no further than the following artists—all poised for the big time.

Maggie Baugh: The talented crooner gives new meaning to the genre “early country.”

Photography by Micah Kvidt

On a busy afternoon this past December, South Florida Fairgrounds hosted two luncheons. In one of them, a speaker addressed the subject of science education for an audience that seemed significantly more interested in barbecue chicken; the sound of table chatter and clinking cutlery nearly drowned him out.

In the other luncheon, about 10 steps away, a crowd of about three dozen attendees for the Association of Professional Fundraisers’ annual meeting seemed to hang on every word of the event’s performer, Maggie Baugh. Donning a cowboy hat and jewel-studded tan boots, the singer-songwriter performed a handful of original songs on her Luna Flora Rose guitar, strumming folk rhythms with a country twang. The crowd was impressed, especially after hearing Baugh’s age. The eighth grader at Boca Middle is only 13.

Her Musical Path

Of course, Baugh should sound polished by now—she’s had music in her blood for the past 11 years.

“I asked to play the violin at 2, but my parents said no,” Baugh re-calls. “So I asked again when I was 6, and I’ve now been playing for seven years.”

After starting on the fiddle, she migrated to the guitar.

“As we go into the second year of her songwriting, it’s just who she is,” says Maggie’s mother, Alyson. “You support what your child has a dream to do. Until it stops, you keep supporting it.”

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