Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Conscious Living Center Casa Mannabliss Opens its Doors in Delray

Amazing things can happen when a group of people focused on personal development and health get together.

Just ask Vivian Demille, who hosted wellbeing gatherings at her home on a regular basis for more than five years. The group grew over time and brought a sense of wonder to Demille as she noticed something positive.

“We began to notice such a great energy when we would come together,” she shared with me recently. “We consciously would create space so everyone who showed up could experience growth. People would describe almost having a ‘buzz’ because the group was so positive.”

The group discovered real value in working together—and also a shared desire to bring this collective energy to the public. Thus the concept was formed for Casa Mannabliss, a new conscious living center right in Delray Beach that aims to help people thoughtfully care for their bodies, minds and spirits so they might experience wellbeing, fulfillment and a more peaceful life.

Mannabliss COO Darnelle Quinn explained the meaning behind the center’s name: “Mana means providing spiritual nourishment, allowing us to thrive in difficult times as we move towards bliss.

Casa Mannabliss is designed as a co-op model, where some of the best conscious teachers in the area have come together to share their skills. Their schedule provides classes in yoga, meditation, breath work, tai chi, sacred martial arts, dance and Reiki. They will have special classes for kids as well.

“In a world where we are under pressure all of the time to perform and manage so many life and emotional tasks,” Demille told me, “we need a safe place where we can talk, let out some steam, get unconditional support and receive valuable information, education and feedback from folks with the right skills to appropriately guide us. This is what we offer.”

In addition to classes and workshops, Casa Mannabliss also features:

  • A beautiful community garden in which you can come and enjoy nature
  • Juices and snacks from JuiceBuzz MRKT + Juicery and Green Girl Kitchen
  • A retail area with apparel items by Jen Scoz Designs and also jewelry, oils, candles and natural medicines.

With a positive look to the future, they hope to expand and also offer wellness services such as massage, acupuncture and a cafe.

Casa Mannabliss is open now and offering classes for the community. It will have its grand opening celebration on Sept. 7 at 5 p.m., featuring music, food, wellness classes and fun things for kids to do.

1405 N. Federal Highway, Delray Beach; 561/455-4882; mannabliss.com/location/yoga-studios-1/casa-mannabliss/

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