Saturday, October 24, 2020


Movie Review: “Rent-A-Pal” a Lonely, Analog Thriller

Connecting with fellow-humans through technology was a cumbersome business in the analog ‘80s. There were no dating apps, because there were...

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ON NETFLIX Available Sept. 4: I’m Thinking of Ending Things
words on bathroom walls

Movie Review: “Words on Bathroom Walls”

Always well meaning but successful only in spurts, the teen mental-illness drama “Words on Bathroom Walls,” opening in theaters today, shares...

Movie Review: “Sputnik”

Anyone streaming the new Russian science-fiction film “Sputnik” and expecting a story about the pioneering Soviet satellite risks disappointment. To better...
she dies tomorrow

Movie Review: “She Dies Tomorrow”

Seldom do us film critics get to pen a compliment such as “I’ve never seen a movie quite like .” Those...

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OK, so as we head into the fifth month of a pandemic, it’s finally happening: The glut of new entertainment is...

Screen Time: Notes From a Visit to SoFla’s Only Open Movie...

Last night, I visited an indoor movie theater for the first time since early March. I didn’t exactly have options: The...

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In movie news, an actual, traditional movie theater, as opposed to a drive-in option, has quietly reopened in our region: Paradigm...
king of staten island

Movie Review: “The King of Staten Island”

“What if I die tomorrow?” For Scott (Pete Davidson), the rudderless protagonist of Judd Apatow’s “The King of Staten Island,” this...

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Mark your calendars: Here are the home-viewing movies we’re most looking forward to this month on the three major streaming platforms.