Friday, January 22, 2021


Stream These: July Movies on Netflix, Hulu, Prime

In movie news, an actual, traditional movie theater, as opposed to a drive-in option, has quietly reopened in our region: Paradigm...
king of staten island

Movie Review: “The King of Staten Island”

“What if I die tomorrow?” For Scott (Pete Davidson), the rudderless protagonist of Judd Apatow’s “The King of Staten Island,” this...

Stream These: Hot June Releases on Netflix, Hulu, Prime

Mark your calendars: Here are the home-viewing movies we’re most looking forward to this month on the three major streaming platforms.
trip to greece

Streaming Movie Review: “The Trip to Greece”

If it weren’t for unnecessary sequels, we likely wouldn’t need multiplexes. They are the tentpoles that continue to prop up Hollywood’s...

Commentary: It’s Too Soon to Write Movie Theaters’ Epitaphs

Since the time of nickelodeons, the gold standard of movies has been public exhibition—strangers gathered in a darkened room to become...

Stream These: New Netflix, Prime, Hulu Movies for May 2020

Theaters are still shuttered, but America’s streaming providers are still flooding us with a deluge of brand-new content. Here are this...
the infiltrators

Movie Review: Broward-set Docudrama “The Infiltrators” Opens in Digital Theaters Today

Broward County may be the setting of the new docudrama “The Infiltrators,” opening in digital cinemas today, but it’s not the...

Stream These: New Netflix, Prime, Hulu Movies in April

We assume that, like us, you’ve settled into a routine of television overconsumption. Luckily, we are never in want of options. Here...

On-Demand Movie Review: “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”

“Never Rarely Sometimes Always,” a film with a cumbersome—but, as viewers will discover, profound, title—is an admittedly joyless odyssey through the bumpy byways...

Stream These: Top Netflix, Prime Titles This Month

COVID-19’s effect on the movie theater industry was already palpable last weekend, when cases of the virus were comparatively minimal. While most movie...