Tuesday, October 20, 2020

phase 2

What Phase 2 of Reopening Would Look Like

At today’s meeting, the Palm Beach County Commission almost certainly will ask Gov. DeSantis for permission to begin Phase 2 of...

Is Delray Beach’s Water Safe to Drink?

On its website, Delray Beach proclaims prominently that the city’s drinking water is safe. The page for the Utilities Department sends...

Gretsas Firing Unravels in Delray as City Changes Charges

The campaign against Delray Beach City Manager George Gretsas got much more suspicious on Monday. As expected, the...

Some Thoughts on Election Winners, Losers, and Mail-In Voting

Many winners emerged from Tuesday’s primary election. The biggest winner, though, was mail-in voting. Four years ago, about...

Unpacking the Resignation of Suzanne Fisher, Delray Budget Woes & More

The resignation of Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher raises more questions about the turmoil in Delray Beach. As...

Delray Beach Assistant City Manager Resigns Amid Gretsas Drama

Delray Beach Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher, who is at the center of the controversial suspension of City Manager George Gretsas,...

PBC Schools Have a New Plan, and Is Brightline Still Coming to Boca?

By a 6-1 vote, the Palm Beach County School Board on Wednesday approved Superintendent Donald Fennoy’s revised reopening plan. It will...

Florida Says No to PBC School Plan; Delray Looks at COVID Costs

School Board Chairman Frank Barbieri told me Monday that the Florida Department of Education did not approve Palm Beach County's plan...

Delray Drama Continues as City Could Face Water Investigation, Unpacking Boca BPD Candidates

Palm Beach County Inspector General John Carey said his office is determining whether to investigate Delray Beach’s problem-plagued water system.

Delray’s Former City Manager Gretsas Strikes Back

Delray Beach City Manager George Gretsas alleges that Mayor Shelly Petrolia and City Attorney Lynn Gelin...