Sunday, January 17, 2021


Train whistles and office supplies

Silent treatment One key issue for the new Boca Raton City Council may require much more talk than action. That issue is creating “quiet zones” at...

Strong mayors, elections questions & that little issue about judges

Time for a strong mayor system? We now know just how complete Susan Haynie’s victory was over Anthony Majhess. According to results provided by the Palm...

Post-election buzz

In Boca election news... Boca Raton finally had something close to a real election. More than 11,000 voters cast ballots Tuesday in the mayoral race, which...

Election speculation, flood watch & the Seven50 move

In boxing’s glory days, they called it the “undercard” – the bouts leading up to the main event. That’s how Boca Raton’s election today...

Where There’s Smoke

CITY WATCH Who in Boca Raton would want to jeopardize the city’s “world class police fire & EMS services?” Anthony Majhess hopes voters don’t ask...

Does Boca Make the Grade

We asked experts in a number of areas—from finance to tourism—to give us an updated report card for the city. Here’s how we scored.* Boca...

Manning the Post

As esteemed editor of the editorial page At the Palm Beach Post, Randy Schultz is never at a loss for words—or opinions. Randy Schultz, 61,...