Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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The Ponytail Facelift: A Deep Plane Facelift with Proven Results

Enjoy natural-looking, long-lasting results, all while avoiding the over-done, over-pulled look If you’ve ever considered plastic surgery...

“Lip Flip” Lip Augmentation for a Natural Looking Pout

Dream Lips Are Here  Are you tired of using lip fillers? Do you want great-looking lips but want to...
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Get More With Florida Blue

More than ever, having access to quality, affordable health care is key to peace of mind. Before, during and after COVID-19,...

Deep Plane Facelift with Dr. Ennis

Over time, your biggest stressors can really start to show on your face. You might notice that your face looks tired...

Harnessing the Body’s Defenses

Now more than ever, our immune systems are the best medicine The coronavirus pandemic certainly has left...

Can Healthy Foods Boost Immunity?

An expert breaks down the best sources for immune health Poor nutrition can influence the body’s performance...

The Benefits of Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) At Ennis Plastic Surgery

Do you ever feel embarrassed about your ears when you wear your hair in a ponytail? Maybe as a guy, you...

Tired of Looking Tired?

The Best Way to Rejuvenate Tired Upper Lids: Lift the Brow & Eyes. When it comes to...

Five At-Home Workouts You Can’t Live Without

As we adjust to this temporary new way of life, it’s no secret that our routine workouts and fitness classes have...

The Great Outdoor Boca Workout

No gym? No problem: It’s possible to get a full-body workout with only ambition and an outdoor space