Friday, April 16, 2021


Mix It Up: Must-Have Home Bar Tools

A master mixologist discusses the best bar hacks There was nothing as elegant as Nick (William Powell)...

Three Wines to Enjoy This Weekend

When you hear in the wine world that a vineyard/winery has paired with Domaines Barons de Rothchild (Lafite), it’s worth taking...

Sip with SOBEWFF in Last Two Free Virtual Sessions

Things are creeping slowly back to semi-normal in SoFla, but those of us who are aware of things know it’s way...

Tanqueray Offering Tasty New Gin Cocktails in a Can

If we bought the latest canned alcoholic drinks purely on the basis of creative and colorful labels, then Tanqueray would win...

Chillin’ Recipes for National Rum Day

It’s about time for another national liquor day, and – surprise! – National Rum Day is Aug. 16. Here are some...

Decanting Jingle and Joy at the Table With Hallmark Wines

For those of us who are Hallmark Channel fans, you know the Christmas in July movies have just ended, providing a...

Refreshing Deals from Local Restaurants

Because it’s Tuesday and we skipped a hurricane, but still have to deal with the pandemic, here are some refreshing deals:

Today is National Tequila Day – Here’s How to Celebrate!

Tequila Once, Tequila Twice… Just Go for It! We have an important holiday today, everyone – it’s National...

Put Some Sparkle in Your Day with Prosecco

Especially these days, it’s a mistake to wait to celebrate anything. We need to celebrate everything! That’s where prosecco comes in.

Pour Over This Great Cocktail Technique

While for some, a cocktail is a couple of ice cubes, a spirit and a filler of soda, quick-stir-and-call-it-a-night, the creation...